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The Samsung RL38SBSW from comet is one of the better entry level fridge/freezers on the market.  What’s more this unit is rated ‘A-grade’ for energy efficiency. This cabinet is frost-free so you won’t have the inconvenience of that annual unplug, unpack everything and waiting for it to defrost.

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RL38SBSW front view

Door open on RL38SBSW

As with most domestic fridges and freezers the fridge compartment is bigger than the freezer.  Fridge is 7.3cu.ft. whilst the freezer is 3.3cu.ft.

External Dimensions as follows:

With its slimline form the RL38SBSW really is the ideal option for most households that are looking for a decent capacity, reliable fridge/freezer without it filling up half the kitchen space!

Height: 182.0cm
Width: 59.5cm
Depth: 68.8cm

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