SAMSUNG RL38SBTB Graphite Fridge Freezer

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This is the Samsung graphite RL38SBTB Fridge Freezer.  The unit is fully upright and has a capacity of 301 litres to provide plenty of room for your fresh and frozen food.

Samsung Graphite RL38SBTB

Samsung Graphite RL38SBTB

The 4 adjustable safety glass shelves in the RL38SBTB’s fridge section will give you plenty of space to store your chilled foods.  There’s even additional storage on the inside of the door.  For ease of use the freezer’s 4 seperate food drawers have transparent fronts so that you can see the food stored in them without having to open them up, the freezer has a 94 litre capacit

The RL38SBTB Upright Fridge Freezer also benefits from Samsung’s Multi Flow technology to ensure regular cooling throughout the refrigerator in order to keep your food fresh for longer.

Further features of the Samsung RL38SBTB Upright Fridge Freezer include frost free freezing and antibacterial frost free protection.

Samsung RSH1NBRS Stainless Steel Fridge & Freezer

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You’ve got to love this, the ultimate fridge and freezer unit.  It’s a double door american style beauty with stainless steel finish.  What’s more Currys are offering it for £649, that’s a £250 saving over the standard retail price!

You can fit all your food shopping into the RSH1NBRS without squeezing or squashing anything, the 4 adjustable shelves, moulded from safety glass make fitting in all your food an absolute breeze.  The fridge and freezer doors have built in shelves so you’re never going to be out of space.

The RSD1NBRS is currently one of the best value stainless steel american style fridges available on the market.

Samsung RSH1NBRS with doors open

RSH1NBRS – Vital statistics

Height: 1789mm
Width: 912mm
Depth: 672mm

  • Capacity – 560 Litres
  • Energy Rating – A
  • Chilled Water & Ice Dispenser – No
  • Temperature Control – Twin Thermostat
  • Twin cooling
  • External controls
  • Safety glass shelves

Latest prices for the RSH1NBRS

Samsung RS21DCNS – Silver American Fridge Freezer

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The RS21DCNS is Samsungs leading American Style Fridge Freezer.  With a gorgeous silver exterior and integrated chilled water and ice dispenser.

To ensure that your food is kept at optimum temperature the RS21DCNS includes an electronic temperature control, the front mounted integrated digital display allows you to check that the temperature is at your desired level.

If you have children then you’ll be pleased to know that the unit comes with a child lock to stop those unwanted little hands finding their way to your favourite dish or beer collection!  The silver nano antibacterial interior helps keep your fridge freezer clean and free from harmful bacteria.

Never worry about losing food due to accidently leaving the door open again, the door alarm sounds to make sure that this type of mistake does not happen.

The fridge section has a gross capacity of 12.3 cu ft.  The powercool function will ensure that you get your items that you’ve just dragged home from the supermarket chilled back down to temperature quickly.  The 4 glass shelves are fully adjustable and feature Samsungs ‘spillproof’ technology to make spillages a doddle to clean up.

Keep your cheese fresh thanks to the covered dairy compartments, the door is deep enough to allow plenty of storage whilst the built in bottle grips will stop your wine and milk flying out onto the floor when you swing the door open.

We all know a fridge isn’t just about chilling veg, no no no, that’s why the RS21DCNS also includes 2 humidity controlled fruit and vegetable drawers.  Having eggs with your fruit and veg?  Then don’t worry, the egg racks will keep them safe and free from damage.  Two interior lights ensure you can see where you put everything when you dashed back from the supermarket.

The freezer section has a gross capacity of 7.3 cu ft with 2 baskets and 4 adjustable, safety glass shelves.

This cabinet is ideal for the busy social host with its built in soft touch automatic water and ice dispenser, serve those delicious cocktails on freshly crushed ice.

People are increasingly concious about their impact on the environment, and keeping those pesky fuel bills down!  That’s why you simply cannot go wrong with the RS21DCNS’s ‘A’ class rating for energy efficiency rating.  Overall energy consumption comes in at a measly 520kWh/year.

Net fresh food volume 341 litres.

Net frozen food volume 186 litres.

Size: (H)176 (W)90.8 (D)71.4cm.


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The Samsung RL38SBSW from comet is one of the better entry level fridge/freezers on the market.  What’s more this unit is rated ‘A-grade’ for energy efficiency. This cabinet is frost-free so you won’t have the inconvenience of that annual unplug, unpack everything and waiting for it to defrost.

Latest prices for the RL38SBSW

RL38SBSW front view

Door open on RL38SBSW

As with most domestic fridges and freezers the fridge compartment is bigger than the freezer.  Fridge is 7.3cu.ft. whilst the freezer is 3.3cu.ft.

External Dimensions as follows:

With its slimline form the RL38SBSW really is the ideal option for most households that are looking for a decent capacity, reliable fridge/freezer without it filling up half the kitchen space!

Height: 182.0cm
Width: 59.5cm
Depth: 68.8cm

Take a look at some more information here.

Gorgeous Samsung RSH1DLMR With Mirror Finish

Check yourself out whilst you prepare you dinner with the RSH1DLMR fridge freezer with a spectacular silver finish! Wow! You really need to view the photographs below to get a feel for this fantastic fridge:

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RSH1DLMR mirror with doors closed

RSH1DLMR with doors open


Not only does this food centre fridge freezer come in a stunning mirrored finish but it has a built in chilled water and ice dispenser so it’s the ultimate fridge for cocktail parties!!

View more information on the RSH1DLMR now.

RL33SBNS Silver Samsung Fridge Freezer – Frost Free

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If you’re looking for the latest frost free fridge freezer for your home then you simply cannot go wrong with the Samsung RL33SBNS fridge freezer, with a stylish silver finish this unit is sure to compliment any modern kitchen (and even the old fashioned ones too!!).

RL33SBNS Silver

Not only is this fridge ‘A’ rated for energy consumption but it has an ample 330 litre capacity, what’s more the shelves are fully adjustable so you’ll be able to fit even the most awkward items in here.


Height: 1768mm

For more information on the RL33SBNS take a look here.

Have you seen the double door silver Samsung?


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Is now available at a knock down price from dixons.

This huge 19.1 cu.ft. capacity fridge and freezer comes in a snow white colour and packs in enough space for even the busiest of householders to safely store all their chilled products for the week.

Samsung RSH1NHSW with doors open

RSH1NHSW with doors closed

Current price at dixons is a mere £549 including delivery! Take a look today.

Samsung RSH1DTMH American Style Fridge/Freezer Now Available At Comet

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The Samsung RSH1DTMH is now available at Comet for the knock down price of £799.

This unit is graded A for energy efficiency and in our opinion it is also grade ‘A’ in style – see photographs below:

RSH1DTMH in Black with doors closed - view from front

RSH1DTMH photo with doors open

Visit Comet today to view the latest deals on the RSH1DTMH

American Style Samsung Fridge in Black – RSH1DBBP

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This is the black version of the Samsung H Series Fridge & Freezer.

Black American Style Samsung

The RSH1DBBP is available NOW, view details here on this fantastic fridge and freezer here.