The Samsung RL38SBSW from comet is one of the better entry level fridge/freezers on the market.  What’s more this unit is rated ‘A-grade’ for energy efficiency. This cabinet is frost-free so you won’t have the inconvenience of that annual unplug, unpack everything and waiting for it to defrost.

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RL38SBSW front view

Door open on RL38SBSW

As with most domestic fridges and freezers the fridge compartment is bigger than the freezer.  Fridge is 7.3cu.ft. whilst the freezer is 3.3cu.ft.

External Dimensions as follows:

With its slimline form the RL38SBSW really is the ideal option for most households that are looking for a decent capacity, reliable fridge/freezer without it filling up half the kitchen space!

Height: 182.0cm
Width: 59.5cm
Depth: 68.8cm

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12 Responses to “RL38SBSW”

  1. tan zing on June 20th, 2009 10:41 am

    all compartment of the fridge frozen

  2. M on January 21st, 2010 2:15 pm

    Not too impressed with my fridge freezer which was delivered recently – the freezer does not have a top on it, making it difficult to wipe clean!

  3. Roger Collins on January 23rd, 2012 1:55 pm

    I need to replace the light bulb in the fridge, but cannot remove the plastic light cover.
    The fridge is 4 years old.
    Any help would be much appreciated

  4. K plummer on April 17th, 2014 2:05 pm

    Good fridge and freezer but the internal light has blown. Despite consulting the manual, I have found it impossible to remove the plastic lamp cover to access the bulb. It is diabolical that changing a bulb is made so difficult.

  5. Karl P on May 11th, 2014 3:41 pm

    If the internal light needs changing in the fridge, you have to send for an engineer. I have spent hours on the simple task of trying to change a light bulb; somehow Samsung has designed the bulb to be inaccessible to the average user. Add £50 to the cost of this fridge to replace the light when it goes. Very irritating.

  6. K Plummer on May 18th, 2014 8:48 am

    I posted a genuine comment on changing the internal light which has been deleted. This makes a mockery of the phrase that invites me to “speak your mind”. I shall now post my deleted comment on as many websites as possible.

  7. Jon Harrison on May 9th, 2015 3:13 pm

    This happened to me – and according to the manual that came with the fridge, you should be able to pop off the cover yourself to change the bulb.

    Did anyone get a resolution to this?

  8. sybil Watkins on August 17th, 2015 3:46 pm

    When the internal light needs changing it seems this is impossible to replace
    I have finally removed the outer casing to reach the bulb and have spent days tring to buy a new bulb. Have been to all suppliers including Samsung and their websites and have found nobody who can give the reference number for this bulb

    Will never buy another Samsung item. After service is non existent

    Nobody knows where to get this item

  9. P Harris on December 5th, 2015 5:48 pm

    very frustrating.
    almost broke plastic bulb cover trying to remove it.
    how does the engineer remove it

  10. lisa on December 27th, 2015 7:59 pm

    my light bulb has gone also, I haven’t even tried to open the plastic cover. Before I don I’m trying to find out what size bulb I need. Its for model: RL38SBSW

  11. Gina King on February 23rd, 2016 4:34 pm

    My fridge light has gone too. Only 3 years old. Why they designed it this way I have no idea! How ridiculous that I need an engineer and so need to take a day off work to get a bulb replaced in a fridge.

  12. Mel on June 12th, 2016 7:38 pm

    Its so easy to change the bulb, you need to push the botm of the towards the back up, then slide the cover toward you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you don’t need call out charges, mail me if you need more details. Best

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